Crossout! – Game Played With One Button

Have you ever think that an traditional action game can be played with only one button? Here’s our latest experiment with this type of game: Crossout!.

Crossout! is basically a survival action game, with unique control feeling. You’re an eraser in the world of blue print, whose duty is to wipe out the “bad” designs. However your controlling unit is broken and only allows you to turn right or turn left, switched by one button, and never walking in a straight line.

You have to circle around the wastes and mark them as unnecessary, but they’re just unhappy! So you need to dodge between those bad angry designs and manage to erase them without hurting yourself. The tricky part of the game is that first you are chased by the bad guy, but you need to develop a hunting network while running. When the network is done, you enclose the network and beat those inside it.

Still confusing? See it in live:

*Crossout! now has been submitted to gamma4.


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